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Ponds are a delightful feature which, in our opinion, improve any outdoor space. Ponds all need the water to circulate to stop it becoming stagnant with an unpleasant odour.


Regular pond maintenance is essential in caring for your pond, keeping it up to its full beauty all year round. However, without sufficient care and attention ponds can soon become an unpleasant sight. Plants can become overgrown, leaf and plant debris soon build up causing decomposition which creates contaminated gases that can stress or in the worst case, kill your fish. Black sludge forms in the water causing a threat to both the fish and underwater plants.



To avoid the above, we offer a Pond Maintenance and cleaning service which keeps your pond looking beautiful all year round. Each pond we visit is different in many ways, meaning a site visit from one of our experience staff is required before any pond maintenance is carried out. This allows us to provide you with an accurate quote and information on the steps which will be taken to care for your pond.


Debris Blockages


Watercourse works include clearing silt and gravel deposits which build up naturally in the channel and can restrict the flow of water. Debris such as fallen trees can lead to blockages in watercourse channels is removed.