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Our objective was to enlarge, reshape and reline the pond near the eighteenth green to improve the appearance and increase the water capacity for irrigation.

After draining down the pond, the team began to de-silt the pond and remove the old liner.

The pond was reshaped and the depth increased using an excavator.

All levels taken by laser level.

With Richards vast excavator experience the banks were graded to form gentle slopes and the base of the pond was prepared for the new liner.

A key trench was excavated around the circumference of the pond to secure the new liner.

When Henry ( professional & owner ) and Scott ( head greenkeeper ) were happy with the shape and size,  the pond was ready for lining. First the underlay was laid, the new liner was then installed and the overlay fitted.

The key trench was then backfilled to secure the liner and overlay.

the pond was then refilled and the area was landscaped including the creation of a new bank to the side of the fairway.